Love is in the Air!!

IMG_0121              This Image from our kitchen, the expression of Love within our home.

This crystal is a reflection of all that moves with so much grace, ease and joy.  I have a Heart for myself that I have not ever had before. The man I married shows me the Beauty he sees within life, the Beauty he sees within my Heart and he shares Beauty with the world. A Dance that is so Sacred.

Sometimes we forget, why we are even doing what we are doing because the mundane of the day seems to over take us.  But when we decide to stop  and listen to our Hearts and what we need, we notice all that is within us Only when we Really open up to what is being shown, we see the crystalline love that surrounds us.

We all have a journey like non – other.  And the gifts from our experiences remind us that  we have a responsibility to listen to what is within us.

For me personally, my life has been extraordinary.  It is full of incredible Joy, Sorrow and Experiences that I am so humbled to have had.

Sometimes, we just don’t want to do more growing, learning, grieving or have one more experience that calls us to be open.  I mean honestly, sometimes we just want to have fun!! Who wants to wash out the dirty laundry.  But guess what once we clean out the closet and toss what we don’t need or Never liked or no longer fits us.. It is then we feel fresh, open and ready for something wonderful, sweet and full of grace.

I have committed to honor myself for if I cannot do that then how can I do that for others.

Have you committed to honoring you? Have you noticed?

Have you made the decision to honor All of who you are, especially the parts that you would rather not think about or for that matter even accept.

Consider, Acceptance.

Consider Grace, Love and Forgiveness.

Consider, Opening up the the Love in the Air!!




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