A Little Bit About Me

Combining over 35 years of experience in finance, owner of several small businesses, working with groups, my healing background, I bring new information to an age-old topic: How to change our relationship with ourselves, our money and essentially our lives.

I adore at my very core – watching people grow and change. When our passion becomes one for each us, it is the most beautiful process to be part of. The word “money” carries so much emotion and attached to it is what excites me. The path of choosing to embrace my own relationship with money has helped create a unique healing process.

Growing up in a family of small business owners, combining the many roles with large, small and midsize companies, I have a unique understanding of systems and how to bring them into alignment with the intention of the individual and the organization.

Facing the many truths in my life put me on a path of transformation.  One that included supporting my husband during his death process in 2002, an experience that connected me to the gifts I have to share with others.

Witnessing his, our children and my own personal experience of healing with Reiki, lead me to a Healing Arts career as a Usui, Karuna and Co-Creative Reiki Master and Teacher in 2003 as well as an Advanced Energy Master and Practitioner  Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ for the past 15 years.

What does all this have to do with ourselves and money?  If we choose to embrace who we are, our gifts, and honor the choices we have made, a miracle persists.  Our financial house heals and abundance grows.  The most important part is we must allow it.

Our greatest responsibility is to bring forth our gifts in service to others.

I work with those who are interested in growing themselves, understanding and accept what they are here to do.

My Deepest Desire is for each of us to live filled with Grace, Joy and Love.

I look forward to being of service to you upon your journey.

For more information contact me, Shannon Scott at 303-884-1546

Creative Small Business Mentor, Coach,  Financial Educator

Usui, Karuna and Co-Creative Reiki Master and Teacher

Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ Advanced Energy Master and Practitioner.

Former Affiliate Faculty, Metro State University-Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship Program.


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