Upcoming Events – Fall 2019

Through my journey, a woman in finance, small business owner over 20 years, a young widow, and single mom it has become so necessary for me to share what I have learned Money, Me and Death.

No other experience taught me more about my relationship with money than walking the path as a young widow with two small children.

I have put together a workshop to teach and express what our culture is so unwilling to discuss yet is so needed.

What is Our relationship with money and

Why do we stress so much about it.

This workshop is for you, if passion is driving you to learn more about your relationship with money. How to create creative motion to impact our financial house.

I have been a widow almost 17 years and worked with money over 35 years. I am passionate about sharing my journey with you.  My intention is to bring humor and grace to a topic many do not want to think about, let alone talk about.

To bring Joy.

The goal and desire: learn how to be comfortable with your feelings, to trust your heart and receive the financial abundance you want yet are afraid to ask for.

The cost is $ 75 includes materials.

What you will receive during the time we are together:

1. The beginning of understanding why we choose what we choose with our money.

2. Diffusing and neutralizing emotions about our relationship with our money.

3. Tools to ignite a desire to learn more about our choices and discover other ways to “Be”with our money.

4. Resources to support you, Exercises to assist you.

And the best part….a greater understanding of your financial responsibility and a new relationship with money.

Register before August 31, 2019 and pay $25.

The class will be held on Saturday, September 21st 2019 from 9 am to 10:30 am via Webinar.

Send me an email to creativegraceinmotion@gmail.com for questions.

Looking forward to meeting with you and hearing your about your journey.

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