Brand New!!

Brand New!!

It is so fun to Feel Brand New!

How do I get to that Place?

I would love to say I feel that way everyday.

Yet, sometimes I have to clear out the messy stuff.

Clean house.

Let go!

Get rid of the stuff, you know.

Painting, scraping or digging will clear the sludge.

So will getting rid of old clothes.

And yes, for me, all of those things help…

Yet, writing and walking and writing some more are the

catalyst that moves out what must go.

I use all of my healing tools, they are fantastic and

could not truly imagine life without them.

Yet, however, yet, at the end of the day,

we must move forward once the healing has occurred.

2014-07-11 19.21.33The sun is shining so bright.

Bring on the Light.

I feel Brand New!

Ready to Sing, Dance and Play.

Perspective, Perception and Perceiving

Sunday’s quiet, sweet and full of still moments.

I spend my time with my wonderful companion, my friend, my husband.

He brings so much to me, to my life and a perspective of perception and

what we perceive.

I used to think they were all the same, they are not.

The line between them is thin and we must learn that it is discernible.

As we learn to do so, we learn about ourselves, that is, if we are truly open to change.

One of the most powerful gifts of wisdom I have learned from him is how to “trust” my perception, honor what I know about myself and what I am perceiving.

How did he teach me this?

By “being” himself, and I listen, observe and am open to how he responds to me and how he lives his life.

Who brings wisdom to you, simply because of who they are?

Are you willing to receive it? Do you trust what your perceiving?

2014-09-21 10.10.34

What do these words mean?

Perspective, how we see things.

Perception, the result of how we perceive which leads us to another question, what then is perceiving?

Perceiving: discernment, understanding, recognizing, becoming aware of.

Do you see the Fish in the Image?

The challenge is listening, observing, and releasing what we want or need so we may embrace the information that is being shown to us.

For true growth must come from a place of knowing how we are being perceived by others, the impact we have and how we are being responded to.

I am transparent which can be very difficult.  You know the person that “wears their heart on their shirt sleeve” or “those that are so sensitive” Well, thats me.

It is very hard to be with others who are out of integrity, another words, not congruent with what they say, you know, walking the their talk.

Through my journey I have learned, how we are with our money, touches All parts of our lives.

How are your perceptions, perspective and what your perceiving impacting your relationship with money?

Take a look at the classes I have offered and discern if one of them is for you.

May your heart be open to all the Beauty and Joy that surrounds you this lovely Sunday.






Congruent in All that we are.

I am a Leader.  Being a leader means I must speak the Truth and it

is not always a popular position, yet being a leader is necessary.

I walk the walk I walk in Tandem with my Heart.

Is it Easy?

Yes, because it’s Real. Because, I am honoring my ethics, my values, my morals and beliefs, me, My Heart.

You may not like me

You may love me

I may offend you, yet what those who walk with me on this journey know, that sometimes

I may not always speak my heart right away, yet I will honor my Heart.

Honor you, Honor you, Love you and Walk in Tandem with your Heart.

I do, I must and I always will.



Walk? Run? Stroll?


Today I felt Like I was walking yet my Heart was pounding like I was

running and I certainly was Not strolling…at least that is what I thought.

The man, I am in Love with… has taught me how to Stroll.

I must admit… I thought I knew how or maybe I simply had forgotten.

I soon discovered that I need to Stroll and what it

Truly Means…


The definition has two meanings…

“To walk leisurely”.

Or…”An objective easily achieved”

Today, my objectives exactly that, easily achieved.

I love the beach, I miss it, crave it and have the deepest Desire to Stroll upon it.

I have learned more in the last two years about

strolling than I ever thought I would.

I am excited to learn more and to master the Art of Strolling.

I am curious..

Are you Walking? Running? or Strolling?

For me, Strolling is honoring My Heart!!



The Door

2012-10-13 16.35.37

Where is the door you want to walk through?

Is it two steps away? Or an extension of your hand?

Are you standing in the Shadow of your growth?

What if, on the other side of that door is Color? Light? Joy? Play? Love?…..

Your Hearts Desire?

What if, its the springs that keep you from swinging the door wide open because they

Seem.. so Heavy….so Big that you would rather just go through a different door?

Yet……. you know full well that the gift is right in front of you it is…

The Door

But,  for some reason…you continue to deny your Hearts desire…

Because its Supposed to Be “Hard”

Because anything worthwhile is “Work”..Hard-work

What I have learned is this… the more I make myself suffer and struggle..  the Heavier “the Door”

and then as soon as I let go…. it becomes so light.

All I desire is to know at the end of the day… I made a difference.

That the smile I wear, the reflection of the Love within, calls You to walk through the Door to You.

And from the surprise and Joy that the Door is not heavy at All, you Discover Your Hearts Desire.

2012-04-14 13.53.44


Walking in Tandem.

Walking in Trust.

Feeling the Truth. Listening with Grace to our Hearts.

Listening in Tandem.  What does tandem mean?

In the dictionary, one definition is “walking along side each other”

Am I listening to my Heart and walking in tandem with spirit?

Am I open to what others bring to me?

Do I really listen?

Or am I so busy listening to the pain and frustration of others that I forgotten about Joy, Play and Adventure.

Is the Trust of my self in Tandem with my Heart?

And I wonder do we ever walk in Tandem with another.

Gratitude to Attitude

Walking in Tandem, Each Foot moves in Time.

If my attitude is not focused on gratitude then how can I walk in Grace?

Walking in Tandem “IS” moving easy?!

If my legs are not moving with ease, then what about my Heart?

Walking in Tandem….

Sometimes, I just want to throw a Tantrum.. because for some reason, I can’t

seem to find my breath, yet am sitting here typing and breathing.

Gratitude an Attitude of Openness, Balance and Receiving Love.

Walking in Tandem….

Where “is” that balance walking in Tandem?

Does it mean that my Heart sits in the space of

“Indifference” when I am out of sync with me?

I wonder when walking in tandem will be natural, Easy and filled with laughter.

A sadness surrounds my Heart.

A deep longing to “Be”  Full.

To be Walking in Tandem.