Allow, let go and breathe and then what.. you ask?  Surrender. Forgive. Let Go.

Find Gratitude for every experience from a cup of coffee, to sharing time and space with someone you love and especially for those times that feel like they won’t ever end.

The past few weeks have pressed, pushed, and pulled out every ounce of resistance I did not know I had or thought I worked through or just did not want to acknowledge was even mine.

Resistance to what, I wanted to know, but what I was shown was resistance.

Resistance, to honor me, those I love, my gifts or change yet all I know is no matter what I was resisting.

So, I stopped. I listened I watched and asked for guidance.  It was there, before my eyes, the lack of sleep and the desire to just run.

I know for me, the desire to run, who knows where I would even go,  was a sign to let go, allow and surrender.

It does not matter what is causing it or why its really happening. The most important part is that we notice, our emotions, our body, our behavior and why we are doing what we are doing in that moment.

I had to ask to listen, to let go, to trust.  Never easy, painful yes, yet always necessary.

Large decisions shifted in a direction unexpected at first, unsettling, yet exciting.

Letting go of resistance served up the change.

Once we embrace being open and surrender, that is when the gift drops in, a new view of ourselves.  We make changes in our life some seemingly subtle yet profound.

Growth and expansion of our hearts even when we know we have asked for help and spoke out loud “I receive, I am ready” will catch us off guard and sometimes it is the resistance to ask for help that keeps us stuck.

The old shields of protection must fall away as they no longer work.  The Love that is being called in cannot be received nor honored if we do not accept the grace of all that is occurring within our lives.

Love the resistance, the pain, the fear and then let it all go.

Regardless of what we believe we are always protected.

So now what, the path has changed, another unexpected gift.

May the road be wide and full of adventure.











Patience and Hope

Where are we now on this journey here today the 9th day of October 2018?

As I focus on my own health,  I watch others flourish and those that do not.

Can I have or find the patience for my own growth, health and focused forgiveness as well as for others?

I am not sure some moments.

Or is it time to quiet the world around me and listen to my own thoughts and find hope?

No matter what or where my, our focus goes, it is all,  at this moment seemingly so chaotic.  We have been groomed to perceive that chaos is negative.

But if we step back and we notice the Love and Light being shown on the Darkness within our own lives and the world that surrounds us and see Beauty, Gratitude and Joy, there is where we see patience and hope.

I must be patient in my own life and hold Hope within that all I desire will transform.

No matter what we try to push forward, Divine Timing is driving the course.

We can have a tantrum or we can sit and breathe.

Go for a walk. Listen to our breath.

Patience and Hope can seem intangible…unattainable.

There is one piece missing, the willingness to stop, so slow down, to listen.

We only have one second, one moment at a time.  Sages across the ages remind us of that, so what I am here to do?

I am focusing on Hope and Patience, and Love and Joy to support me as I bring forth the gifts of my soul.

That is all there is.




A safari is under way, the deep discovery of soul. Questioning of self has fallen away and opened a doorway to new adventures.  Desire and Transforming our Hearts for change.

Our Hearts hold us as we transform, grow, listen and honor what we need for the catalyst of change.

November was my last post, so much has moved, a recognition of health and change has prompted an allowing of my heart to complete, to honor and to embrace all I have done up until now in my life.

A move is around the corner.  The delicious excitement is intoxicating.

Certainty has shown up again, a familiar friend.  Honoring all the choices have brought profound healing and Light.

Excitement unfolds the Certainty of Love in Love for Love.






Clouds, Sun, Moon and Eclipse



Today, August 21st, 2018, is the first time in over two years that I sat down and articulated my Heart. There has been so much life lived in 730 days.. how many breaths is that?  Hmm lets see, 1,051,200 minutes.

Got a minute? Lets talk about the power of gratitude, forgiveness and letting go.

This photo above was taken during the Eclipse! The shadows look like I am standing in the clouds.

I love moments like today! Leading up to the peak of the eclipse felt was so wonderful. It has been weeks, months, years truly, leading up to this moment.

What does today represent for you?  The beginning of something new or the end of an era?

All I know is no matter what your belief, take the time today to sit and listen to the whispers of the sun and moon, for the stars hold gifts for you.

Are you Ready?

What matters is that we act, move forward, let go, trust and forgive. Repeat.

The resistance that shows up as you read this, let it go.

The doubt, just let it go.

I truly believe that we must turn away from the whispers that haunt us that keep us small.

Yes, we must face those moments of grief, but there is Love, Light and Joy waiting on the other side.

It is a breath, its saying No, or saying Yes.

Yes to Love, Yes to letting go. Yes to abundance.

Yes to health, yes to All that comes your way.

Focus on the Sun and Moon, and the clouds will part ways.

May you always know the Beauty of you, Honor the gifts you bring and Laugh and Laugh and Laugh some more.

In Loving Joy,


Winter Solstice

You, the Sun and You!

What are doing you this Winter, December 21st? Are you aware of the intangible yet very glorious feeling of this particular time?

Do you celebrate it? I hope at the very least you Notice it, or take the time to Observe what is happening within You and around you.

This time of year can feel so overwhelming, emotional, a time of joy, sorrow or a strong desire to run screaming the other direction all at the same time!

How do you take care of you? Do you overeat, drink and spend??
Consider a different choice? 

One small one, such as saying no, to a party or person, buy one less item and instead spend more time with those we love.

What about honoring you?  And all that you are? 

Here is my gift to you:

Make a list of all that you have done the past three months..

three weeks..

three days..

What did you discover? You?

 May Divine Grace bless you with You!!