Doubting our Doubt

Thinking and thinking and thinking about things and stuff, our doubt.  What is doubt, it is feeling uncertain, or lack of confidence or hesitation.  Doubting our doubt.

Transitions are ever ongoing. In one day we go through a life time of emotions and experiences.  What we forget is exactly that..that we must stop for a moment and listen to our heart, our breath.

Our exterior world can wreck havoc on our inner world.  What I must remind myself often, is how grateful I am for where I am at this moment this breath.

Is it easy to remember to do that.. I would love to say that I have mastered it.  I have not however I do repeat kind words to myself, such as “I forgive me, or I love and approve of myself, or I am radiant being filled with Light and Love”

I picture those I love in my minds eye and wish them peace and send forgiveness and grace to those whom I have let go of.

All of these exercises remove the doubt, the spinning thoughts, the doubt that can make my heart rate increase or frustration show up.

All I know is I must actively remember that doubt is another form of worry and worry steals joy.

Joy is what brings peace to my soul’s desire.  Bring on JOY!!!


What is a want?

What is wanting?

Is it a Desire or something we can’t have because we

don’t have enough time or money?

Is it a craving? What is it Exactly?

A craving, for love, or recognition, or approval or to Belong?

We, as human’s want to belong.

To be a part of something.

What does that look like for me? To know that I am

making a difference in the lives of those I love.

and those I share my work with, that it matters.

I have been grappling with the..

“wanting the acceptance”.

I have come to this, I must accept me, all of me, Every ounce.

Acceptance, of ourselves, of others, of our attitude, of people, places and all else.

To know this is to understand ourselves, others and the world around us.

May you find Acceptance in all that you are and a peace within knowing it is Enough.

Wind in My Heart!!

2014-09-21 09.50.23


Wind in

My Heart!!  The sorrow of the past is moving on! Is it easy…

It feels like rocks moving in the water.  Or the water moving along the rocks.

My mind wants to know Every detail, Yet knows My Heart is in charge and just wants to Let go of what is rolling around within.

Before we can Grow we must Let Go.

Its not like I have not done this Before.

This time the song is different, it is a slow soulful sound, one of Love and Appreciation.

Joy is equal to the depth of Sorrow.

May the Journey you are on be Gentle and Joyful!!

Love is in the Air!!

IMG_0121              This Image from our kitchen, the expression of Love within our home.

This crystal is a reflection of all that moves with so much grace, ease and joy.  I have a Heart for myself that I have not ever had before. The man I married shows me the Beauty he sees within life, the Beauty he sees within my Heart and he shares Beauty with the world. A Dance that is so Sacred.

Sometimes we forget, why we are even doing what we are doing because the mundane of the day seems to over take us.  But when we decide to stop  and listen to our Hearts and what we need, we notice all that is within us Only when we Really open up to what is being shown, we see the crystalline love that surrounds us.

We all have a journey like non – other.  And the gifts from our experiences remind us that  we have a responsibility to listen to what is within us.

For me personally, my life has been extraordinary.  It is full of incredible Joy, Sorrow and Experiences that I am so humbled to have had.

Sometimes, we just don’t want to do more growing, learning, grieving or have one more experience that calls us to be open.  I mean honestly, sometimes we just want to have fun!! Who wants to wash out the dirty laundry.  But guess what once we clean out the closet and toss what we don’t need or Never liked or no longer fits us.. It is then we feel fresh, open and ready for something wonderful, sweet and full of grace.

I have committed to honor myself for if I cannot do that then how can I do that for others.

Have you committed to honoring you? Have you noticed?

Have you made the decision to honor All of who you are, especially the parts that you would rather not think about or for that matter even accept.

Consider, Acceptance.

Consider Grace, Love and Forgiveness.

Consider, Opening up the the Love in the Air!!