Responsibility! What does that really Mean?

I love the word, Responsibility!


I have learned that it is best to focus your eyes on your heart.

There you will find, what is yours, and hopefully you are willing to accept it.

The million dollar question, “What is my part, what is mine?”

I have learned to look within first.

Do I do it all the time? Of course, not.

However, I have discovered it is best, to step back and look within.

Take responsibility for me and do what is best for the situation.

Is it easy? Sometimes.

Is it necessary? Absolutely!

Self – Responsibility, comes easier the more we practice.

No matter where we are in our lives at this moment, taking the time to honor what is ours’ and what is not makes for greater joy, play and peace.

I write this today as I grapple with My heart, an ache deep within is haunting me.

If I were to die today, I cannot express that it would not be without regret.

The regret of not Honoring my truth, all the Truth to me, myself and I.

The regret of not Allowing myself to do what I love.

I love writing, I love teaching, I love working with the all the healing tools I have, and I love teaching others about their relationship with money.

I have so much,  within that I can no longer hold it inside.

Today, you are my witness, the First Day, that I face with Grace the responsibility of sharing my deepest passions.

Thank you for listening to my Heart.

May your journey ahead be filled with Great Joy and Love. And that you share what you love deep within.

2015! Wow!!

Being Present! Being Here! Being in the Now, the Moment!!

Where are you today the 16th day of 2015?

Have you decided to be different this Year?

This moment?

You? Who are You? How many shirts, pants or socks are hanging out not being touched?

How much dirty laundry do you have, Really? How much?

When was the last time you spoke the words, “I forgive….?”

When was the last time you tossed those old socks, old shirts, old patterns and behaviors, that seem to fit , but really don’t, it just hurts when you consider what must be done to Let go.

What is Forgiveness? Why do we need to practice it everyday?

For me, when I really, truly practice forgiveness, something Beautiful Happens.

What ? You ask?  I am able to smile with a greater sense of Peace, have a spring in my step

and Joy deepens within my Heart.

Who do we forgive…those we love, those we don’t, those we see everyday, those we have not seen in years, those that don’t even know we were or are upset with them, But Most Important of All…ourselves.

We let ourselves off the Hook. Once we let go, forgive others we then find that forgiving ourselves comes easier.

We set those Free that have hurt us, betrayed us, angered us.

If you have never really, practiced Forgiveness, try it for one week, everyday and Let me know what your experiences were.

And remember, first and foremost…

Be Gentle to you,

Be Kind to you,

as you Move with Grace!!