Motion, Creating and Money

A Decision to Walk through the Door of Change Can be a Difficult One.

Yet, once we cross the threshold, we realize that resisting to step through the doorway of change is more difficult than making the change itself.

I love to Teach…a Doorway I avoided with an exhausting amount of energy.

The most Beautiful part, the part I was so afraid of,  was How easily the process Flows.

I have created a healing process for our relationship with Money and Ourselves.  

Many become widows, widowers, experience divorce or other harsh financial situations surrounding our relationship with money.  

These major events create so much chaos, what we do not realize is our view of money,  beliefs, emotions and all we may feel about ourselves shows up in our relationship with money.

I address our feelings about Money, Death and Living.  How we care for ourselves and live fully where we are at today, this moment.


Step through the door.    

2012-01-13 11.17.02

The river of change Flows Easily…

…….with amazing power and grace.

Looking forward to meeting you.


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