All in All its All in All!!!

I am Believer!! I Believe in Jesus, Buddha, Dali Lama, God and All that has been created and surrounds me this moment this Breath.

I love acupuncture, prayer and Any other form of Healing that this Incredible Universe has brought to my attention upon this earthly journey.

An evolutionary shift.  A God thing, a Love thing, an Incredibly Beautiful Thing! It’s all about the Energy.  Everything is Energy, Vibration, Love and Joy!! Love is a Frequency and a Vibration.

Are you feeling the LOVE????!!!  If not? Why Not?

We are Living in an amazing Time, All in All it’s All in All.  Why?

No Matter what spiritual belief you have it all comes down to Love.

It’s Big!! It’s Glorious and for certain, Filled with Beauty!!!

Here is what has moved through my Heart!!

I am all about looking for, seeing and enjoying the Beauty in Life.  Even when I faced

with a difficulty or challenge.

On my journey, I have determined I must face, honor, acknowledge, Bless and let go and surrender to the Abundance that has been in my life that I have Not wanted to accept or for that matter Honor, Respect and Receive.

The Hardest for me to Accept and Receive is the Death of my Husband.  I have resisted, fought tooth and nail, denied and who knows what else.  I did not want to and have not until Now Bless that his Death that was a Gift.

Yes, some may argue, how could I say such a thing, for he left a young wife, and two young children.

Death, no matter what form it comes in, a job, a career, a relationship, empty nest, illness or whatever the Form Death is in, it

Brings Abundance.  Abundance comes in many forms.

Consider for a moment, that Just Maybe the Most difficult time in your life Brought the Most


Love All we need Is LOVE!!!!!

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