Gratitude to Attitude

Walking in Tandem, Each Foot moves in Time.

If my attitude is not focused on gratitude then how can I walk in Grace?

Walking in Tandem “IS” moving easy?!

If my legs are not moving with ease, then what about my Heart?

Walking in Tandem….

Sometimes, I just want to throw a Tantrum.. because for some reason, I can’t

seem to find my breath, yet am sitting here typing and breathing.

Gratitude an Attitude of Openness, Balance and Receiving Love.

Walking in Tandem….

Where “is” that balance walking in Tandem?

Does it mean that my Heart sits in the space of

“Indifference” when I am out of sync with me?

I wonder when walking in tandem will be natural, Easy and filled with laughter.

A sadness surrounds my Heart.

A deep longing to “Be”  Full.

To be Walking in Tandem.

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