Walk? Run? Stroll?


Today I felt Like I was walking yet my Heart was pounding like I was

running and I certainly was Not strolling…at least that is what I thought.

The man, I am in Love with… has taught me how to Stroll.

I must admit… I thought I knew how or maybe I simply had forgotten.

I soon discovered that I need to Stroll and what it

Truly Means…


The definition has two meanings…

“To walk leisurely”.

Or…”An objective easily achieved”

Today, my objectives exactly that, easily achieved.

I love the beach, I miss it, crave it and have the deepest Desire to Stroll upon it.

I have learned more in the last two years about

strolling than I ever thought I would.

I am excited to learn more and to master the Art of Strolling.

I am curious..

Are you Walking? Running? or Strolling?

For me, Strolling is honoring My Heart!!



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