Lightsflashing!!? Wake up!!!

Yesterday, I am working away, and smack in the middle

of my eyes lights were flashing, the beginning of a headache,

a day that was guided oh so loudly to a different path.

A slower one, more mindful, less “thinking” or More Thought.

I do recall however, I have learned through my meditations, prayer and healing work

that when we Ask Expecting to get what we want so Deep within our Hearts..

We better be Ready…

For what we asked for…

I must admit I have learned to be Mindful of what I want and dismiss thoughts of

what I do not want.

We will get.. whatever we focus on..

And trust me, I know what I “don’t” want and expecting to get what I Really Want

Never Works when I am Focusing on what I don’t want… Whew!

Thank goodness I figured that Out!!

I have over time learned to Ask Out Loud with an Expectant Heart.

Arms Open Wide…

What do I Really want you may ask?

To Trust I know what I want.

To share my spiritual gifts, in honor and service to others.

To receive abundant financial support as I share my spiritual gifts.

To share the Beauty, Grace and Love that I continue to experience.

To Laugh often.

For all those who cross my path know that they are Marvelous amazing Souls.

To Live, Move, Dance, and Love in Grace.

To be quick to Forgive and acknowledge those whom I may have hurt

To Surrender with Ease


To remember this is It! This moment… This breath…

Miracles happen every day, every breath we take

I forgot that the lights and the headache are a reminder,

that I have been asking so I Better be Ready!!

That I am asking and expecting and open to..

“…..the Abundance of the Universe”

And I must be open to the unexpected Beauty and Grace that only

comes from the Divine….

IMAG0192From Love,

From Surrendering,

From Forgiving,

From Letting go and Trusting,

Now, my Headache is gone..

My Heart is Wide open and a sense of calm moves through me.

A  Full Moon, the Fullness of Beauty.

The Abundant Joy of the Light and Delight of the Moon.

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