Winter Solstice

You, the Sun and You!

What are doing you this Winter, December 21st? Are you aware of the intangible yet very glorious feeling of this particular time?

Do you celebrate it? I hope at the very least you Notice it, or take the time to Observe what is happening within You and around you.

This time of year can feel so overwhelming, emotional, a time of joy, sorrow or a strong desire to run screaming the other direction all at the same time!

How do you take care of you? Do you overeat, drink and spend??
Consider a different choice? 

One small one, such as saying no, to a party or person, buy one less item and instead spend more time with those we love.

What about honoring you?  And all that you are? 

Here is my gift to you:

Make a list of all that you have done the past three months..

three weeks..

three days..

What did you discover? You?

 May Divine Grace bless you with You!!


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