Doubting our Doubt

Thinking and thinking and thinking about things and stuff, our doubt.  What is doubt, it is feeling uncertain, or lack of confidence or hesitation.  Doubting our doubt.

Transitions are ever ongoing. In one day we go through a life time of emotions and experiences.  What we forget is exactly that..that we must stop for a moment and listen to our heart, our breath.

Our exterior world can wreck havoc on our inner world.  What I must remind myself often, is how grateful I am for where I am at this moment this breath.

Is it easy to remember to do that.. I would love to say that I have mastered it.  I have not however I do repeat kind words to myself, such as “I forgive me, or I love and approve of myself, or I am radiant being filled with Light and Love”

I picture those I love in my minds eye and wish them peace and send forgiveness and grace to those whom I have let go of.

All of these exercises remove the doubt, the spinning thoughts, the doubt that can make my heart rate increase or frustration show up.

All I know is I must actively remember that doubt is another form of worry and worry steals joy.

Joy is what brings peace to my soul’s desire.  Bring on JOY!!!


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