What Day is it?

Time for Lunch?                                                                         

Time for Dinner?

Time for Love?

Time to Rest?

Time to Play?

What is time?  We could talk about the science of it or the belief of it yet I want to talk about

our relationship with it.

Lately,  I am wondering, do I like having a schedule or being free and loose

to design my day.  Do I need to discipline myself? Or am I already?

Wait, I already do have a schedule and I am disciplined.

So, Then, Why, Do I and so many others feel happy yet under pressure, lost yet somehow driven, completely over loaded yet

pleased,  or grateful?

And then still be so dissatisfied with ourselves or others.  Is it emotion? Is it beliefs? Is it Time?

What is Time and how is It impacting our lives?   Now, this moment this breath?

The photo in this post I took the day a Deer dropped into my life!  I was not sure what time it was then!!

Time to Change, my thinking, my beliefs, my Life.  What I did know…is, if I did not change and look within, something Larger

would Drop into my life.

What event in your life is calling you to change and are you listening or need to listen to?

Time to Go!!

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