Walk through the Veil

  Today the 31st of October, 2012

Its the warmest Halloween that I can remember

Change and Time and our Soul’s journey feels for me a sense of urgency

to get “things” done




Celebrate the Journey

Laugh, Play and Rest seem to call me often

Work, Creating and Exploring of what I am wanting to create through my work seems strange today and yet so right

I have worked in the field of accounting and counting for over 30 years

A field I searched the world over to find “My passionate expression”

Now I find my mind cannot keep track of “why”

So… I write, a desire I crave more than ever before,  it is an outlet that Truly provides the avenue for me to express

Expression, Grace, Joy, Play and Love through out my entire being

I have tossed, moved, painted, rearranged and reconfigured my home and yesterday began transforming my personal appearance

I was delighted to discover the Delight that is bursting within me

No longer am I able to push it down and away or deny

It is time to listen….

To walk through the veil and walk in spirit,  Joy, in Grace

and Honor the Journey of my Soul

Honor the Spiritual Gifts that I bring and must share with others

And as I listen closely and  hear the Joyful sounds of Play

I hear a whisper so sweetly

“It is Time. Time to Listen to the Beat of Your Heart for there within is the Gift of Your Soul”

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