Celebration!! Freedom to Be!!

I would call myself an “old school” American.  I love wearing red white and blue on the 4th.

I love America.

Yes, I do realize there are issues to overcome.  Yet honestly who doesn’t.

Some would wonder, does she know what’s going on.

Of course I do, the earth is changing rapidly and those that thought manipulation was going to prevail will and are learning that it Will not.

My favorite Presidents are Lincoln and Kennedy.  I suppose you could make assumptions about me simply knowing that.

I am Hippie and Love this place and time I live.

I believe every soul has a gift and we must learn how to Observe and Trust and Share.

What You will learn is that I am loyal. I am passionate about those I share my life with and want them to be

at Peace with who they are.

I love Jesus, Buddha, Mother Theresa, Dalai lama  and any other amazing spiritual guide and teacher.

I love the energy work I do and teach.  I love teaching people how to discover  their Hearts.

I love teaching people about Money.

I love growing me and watching others grow.

I believe in the Magic of Love, Laughter and Joy.

I believe in spirit.

I believe that when you watch someone you love die the gift of that experience is precious beyond measure.

I believe our children are who we truly need to listen to and trust.

I believe in this country, our planet, because I believe I have something to offer to her and to mother earth.

To all living things I have a responsibility to take a hold of my gifts and express them out into the world.

If I could say I will not worry or stress about money or my kids or whether I am smart enough or pretty enough or simply enough I would be lying yet…

What I will say today on this glorious 4th of July is discover more about Red White and Blue and you will find


Resolute Will

A Passion for Freedom

Celebrate you and your Freedom.

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