Being all that we can be…for now this moment in time

IMAG0094I am so humbled and honored to be sitting in a place I love to sit, my local coffee shop sending a message out to the world.  I hope it offers  you wisdom and hope and teaches you the power of forgiveness and grace.

As I write I want so many to hear, to see, to know, to have, to feel Joy.

To learn that it is easier to let go and forgive than ever before.

Why, because our beautiful Mother Earth is healing.  And as she does we do and I do.  I would call myself a Hippie, a lover of earth, a flower child.  Yet, How could a Hippie, Healing Momma, feel somewhere deep within abandoned by Her, by Mother Earth.

As a mother of two amazing children I simply knew what I must do as a mother, protect, shelter them from harm, teach them, show them, and support them to be all that they can be.

This is Not what happened for me in my life.

Knowing my journey and as a mother it has been so difficult for me to come to terms with the trauma I endured as a child, that my mother did not protect me.

I have been so loyal to myself and healing yet confused and quite sad that I have felt like I would never be able to feel Whole and be released from the ghosts of the past and connected to Mother Earth.

I have asked for guidance, waking in the night so frightened that I am not the woman who I thought I was and why did I feel so lost and so alone.

And Then…by the grace of God, Divine Mother, I received wisdom that I must heal my relationship with my mother, mother earth and me.

I honestly thought I had done that all along yet truly I was not approaching it as she guided me to do.

Heal me first, my roots, my body, my soul and connect to Mother Earth.

Heal my relationship with her and the Divine Mother.

The blessing is…its three spirits, me, the mother within me, Mother Earth and Divine Mother.  The beauty of three. The grace of three.

The tears of relief and joy flow easily down my checks.

Thank you for reading this post, listening to my heart.  May the wisdom from my Heart and journey guide you and give you Hope.


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