The Door

2012-10-13 16.35.37

Where is the door you want to walk through?

Is it two steps away? Or an extension of your hand?

Are you standing in the Shadow of your growth?

What if, on the other side of that door is Color? Light? Joy? Play? Love?…..

Your Hearts Desire?

What if, its the springs that keep you from swinging the door wide open because they

Seem.. so Heavy….so Big that you would rather just go through a different door?

Yet……. you know full well that the gift is right in front of you it is…

The Door

But,  for some reason…you continue to deny your Hearts desire…

Because its Supposed to Be “Hard”

Because anything worthwhile is “Work”..Hard-work

What I have learned is this… the more I make myself suffer and struggle..  the Heavier “the Door”

and then as soon as I let go…. it becomes so light.

All I desire is to know at the end of the day… I made a difference.

That the smile I wear, the reflection of the Love within, calls You to walk through the Door to You.

And from the surprise and Joy that the Door is not heavy at All, you Discover Your Hearts Desire.

2012-04-14 13.53.44

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