How Do we Do what we Do?


How do we Do what we Do?

Doing, Running ,Being

Catching up… Running

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Heart Beat Pounding

Head Spinning

Barely Breathing….Disconnected

Doing what we do how do we?

How do I keep going and going and going?

How do I stay present and hopeful and filled with joy?

When it feels like the world around me is suffering, stressing, depressing and mad and sad and certainly

Hardly Ever Glad.

I see the pain, the hurt, the fear, the weariness…

The struggle to Hope.

The distance between hearts feels so wide.

The Joy I feel within me seems so inappropriate….

when all the world seems to be suffering.

Is it selfish to be Joyful

Is it rude.

Sometimes I am not so sure what to do….

so I take care of me

I have fallen in Love with my work, my writing.

I am excited for what lies ahead.

For the first time in my Life,

I  have hope for me, for what I am doing for what makes my

Heart Sing.

So what do I do?

How Do I Do what I Do?

I Love and

Comfort those around me

I honor myself and my journey

and I honor the journey of others

and I Forgive.

I Laugh

I Look for Joy and the beauty of Love in all things

I Wish for Peace for all to find comfort in their days.

I Wish for Joy, the joy for each person to discover within themselves

that they are Beautiful Beyond Measure

Glorious and Worthy

Created by Love to Love

And I Listen with an Open Heart

Can I show how to be at Peace?

Can I make them laugh with ease?

Courage takes the desire to be different to be free of the stress and worry and to receive the

Blessing from Spirit

From God

From those that we love

How Do we do what we Do?


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