Black, White and Green

-1Green, Grey, or Inbetween

What does it mean?

I would like to just ‘Be”

My cat seems to have mastered “Being”

Especially when he is in the “green”

What do I mean?

To “Be”

I believe we must Forgive.

And when we do….

All else Falls into place.

That’s it. You ask? Forgive?

Yep! That’s it. Forgive! And just when you

think you have Forgiven, you are given another

Beautiful opportunity to, guess what? Forgive?

And Every time I swear that I feel “green” like I could

get sick… or I want to run and hide…

I realize…. It’s another time to Forgive.

Questions about the situation only make it worse.

The question that I believe must be asked is…

Is this situation showing me another gift…

The Grace to Forgive.

The most important piece of Forgiveness

is that we are set Free.  It does not mean

that we forget or that what hurt us is okay.

What we are doing is letting go.

Surrendering. Turning over our

hurt to God, to the Divine, to the Universe.

So,  I leave you with this…

Consider Forgiveness.


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