Fun and Responsibiltiy!

The Ranch










I am so humbled by the Beauty of Montana

How it impacts my heart!

It had been three years since my last visit.

At that point in my life a Deer had dropped in, little did I know

that experience would change me in ways I could have never imagined.

Since that time so much has moved out, been tossed out or kicked out.

Room was made in my heart for me.

For the first time in my life,  I began to really question who was I…

And I was ready to embrace all of me…

To stand in the Tall Grass, with courage and grace, facing the parts of me

I had for long not wanted to see…

I knew all the parts about me I did not like..

What frightened me was opening up to the Beauty that others saw within me..

A journey I was called to go on alone…

What did I want….

Where did I see myself…

How do I get there?

How was I going to face the parts of me that were strong and healthy and sweet..

I was quick to notice the Beauty in others…

Today,  I find myself feeling… silly, young and an innocence and a deep Joy for what lies


what gifts are ahead…

What I find about this journey now is how different I am and the

Joy that shows up so sweetly each moment, each breath.

May this note find you discovering you and all that you want comes to you with Grace.

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