From Here to There and Back again!

How far I have come.

From here to there and everywhere.

I find that tears of joy roll down my checks every day.

I find that when I worry, my body wants to shut down.  So, Why worry!

I find that here today this moment this breath is filled with Motion of Emotion

with Grace, with Love.

Many times I have wondered what it would be like with my children

no longer under foot or under my roof.

That moment is Now.

What I find is this Peace of mind that the Love I poured into being a parent not

sure I was always doing the right thing or making a difference

shows up now as I listen to them

share their journey.

And as they share, tears of Joy roll freely down my checks.

I too am on a new journey, so excited, so sweet, so precious.

I feel more centered in who I am, where I am headed and a Deep sense of humility and grace for

being here this moment, this breath.

From Here to there and Back again.


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