Perspective, Perception and Perceiving

Sunday’s quiet, sweet and full of still moments.

I spend my time with my wonderful companion, my friend, my husband.

He brings so much to me, to my life and a perspective of perception and

what we perceive.

I used to think they were all the same, they are not.

The line between them is thin and we must learn that it is discernible.

As we learn to do so, we learn about ourselves, that is, if we are truly open to change.

One of the most powerful gifts of wisdom I have learned from him is how to “trust” my perception, honor what I know about myself and what I am perceiving.

How did he teach me this?

By “being” himself, and I listen, observe and am open to how he responds to me and how he lives his life.

Who brings wisdom to you, simply because of who they are?

Are you willing to receive it? Do you trust what your perceiving?

2014-09-21 10.10.34

What do these words mean?

Perspective, how we see things.

Perception, the result of how we perceive which leads us to another question, what then is perceiving?

Perceiving: discernment, understanding, recognizing, becoming aware of.

Do you see the Fish in the Image?

The challenge is listening, observing, and releasing what we want or need so we may embrace the information that is being shown to us.

For true growth must come from a place of knowing how we are being perceived by others, the impact we have and how we are being responded to.

I am transparent which can be very difficult.  You know the person that “wears their heart on their shirt sleeve” or “those that are so sensitive” Well, thats me.

It is very hard to be with others who are out of integrity, another words, not congruent with what they say, you know, walking the their talk.

Through my journey I have learned, how we are with our money, touches All parts of our lives.

How are your perceptions, perspective and what your perceiving impacting your relationship with money?

Take a look at the classes I have offered and discern if one of them is for you.

May your heart be open to all the Beauty and Joy that surrounds you this lovely Sunday.

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