Brand New!!

Brand New!!

It is so fun to Feel Brand New!

How do I get to that Place?

I would love to say I feel that way everyday.

Yet, sometimes I have to clear out the messy stuff.

Clean house.

Let go!

Get rid of the stuff, you know.

Painting, scraping or digging will clear the sludge.

So will getting rid of old clothes.

And yes, for me, all of those things help…

Yet, writing and walking and writing some more are the

catalyst that moves out what must go.

I use all of my healing tools, they are fantastic and

could not truly imagine life without them.

Yet, however, yet, at the end of the day,

we must move forward once the healing has occurred.

2014-07-11 19.21.33The sun is shining so bright.

Bring on the Light.

I feel Brand New!

Ready to Sing, Dance and Play.

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