Deep within

Time, after time and oh more time.  I cannot believe how quickly each moment is moving.

All I know is,  I continue to let go of what does not serve,  Beauty and Peace has moved in.

What does that look like in a day, gratitude comes quick and shows up in the most unexpected places. This time of year nature slows down to rest and honor the harvest of the year.  Honor you, honor what you do not like and let it go. Honor you, honor what you love and appreciate and let it go.

I wish that I knew where to start, to share all that has transpired in the past few moments, months, and years.

I am making promise to myself to write, to share and to honor the gifts within my heart.

2015-11-15 16.23.41


What will you do for you?  What do you wish for and desire?  What makes your heart sing?

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