Clouds, Sun, Moon and Eclipse


Today, August 21st, 2018, the first time in over two years I have sat down and articulated my Heart.

So much life lived in 730 days.. how many breaths is that?  Hmm lets see, 1,051,200 minutes.

Got a minute?

Lets talk about the power of Gratitude, Forgiveness and Letting go.

This photo above was taken during the Eclipse!

The shadows look like I am standing in the clouds.

I love moments like today!

Leading up to the peak of the eclipse felt so wonderful.

What does today represent for you?  

The beginning of something new or the end of an era?

Take the time today to sit and listen to the whispers of the sun and moon, for the stars hold gifts for you.

Are you Ready?

What matters is we act, move forward, let go, trust and forgive.


The resistance that shows up as you read this, let it go.

The doubt, just let it go.

We must turn away from the whispers that haunt us and keep us small.

Yes, we must face moments of grief.

Yet, Love, Light and Joy are right there by our side.

It is a breath, its saying No, or saying Yes.

Yes to Love.

Yes to Letting go.

Yes to Abundance.

Yes to Health.

Yes to All that comes your way.

Focus on the Sun and Moon, and the clouds will part ways.

May you always know the Beauty of you, Honor the gifts you bring and Laugh and Laugh and Laugh some more.

In Loving Joy,


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